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Admissions & Transitions Committee

Admissions & Transitions Sub-Committee



The membership and quorum of the Committee shall be the Headteacher (who is entitled to vote whether or not a governor at the school) and at least two governors appointed by the Governing Body, but no non-governors.  In the event of the unavailability of a member of the Committee they shall be substituted as a member of the Committee for that meeting, on the basis of availability, by a reserved from the ordered list of reserves appointed by the governing body.




  1. Recommended to the governing body the number of pupils in any relevant age group that it is intended to admit to the school in any school year.
  2. Review and make recommendations on an annual basis concerning the arrangements for the admission of pupils to the school.
  3. Determine the offers that shall be made against the criteria for admissions to the first year entry.
  4. Confirm any decision taken by the Chair of Governors with the Headteacher with respect to groups other than the first year entry where it is not reasonable to convene the Committee.



A written record shall be kept of all proceedings of the Committee and statistics shall be submitted to the next meeting of the governing body.  Unless otherwise stated the Committee shall abide by the rules and procedures applying to the governing body.


Notice of Meeting


The Committee shall meet as required.  Members of the Committee shall normally be given seven days notice of a meeting.


Chair and Vice-Chair


The Governing Body from amongst the committee’s membership shall appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee or delegate the Committee to do so at its first meeting:

  • The Chair or Vice-Chair shall not be a person employed to work at or in connection with the school.
  • The Vice-Chair shall have the powers of the Chair in the absence or non-availability of the Chair.




We believe that families should receive support during their children's transition period from primary education to secondary education. 


We aim to:

  • Provide parents with accurate information about transition.
  • Have one-to-one meetings with parents to explain the procedure.
  • Help parents fill out form.
  • Hold a meeting with both Year 5 and Year 6 parents to discuss their children's future.
  • Provide parents with information about open days/evenings of out-of-borough schools.
  • Direct to useful websites and other information e.g. on how to obtain help with school fees.


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Recent minutes for this committee: