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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Admissions & YRec/Y7 Transition

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Below, you will find all the information you need in order to make a decision about whether to apply for a place for your child at CPS.  We always recommend that you come and have a look at the school as well so that you can experience the learning environment first-hand when the children are busy at their activities.  Visits are made at the visitor’s convenience, as far as possible, and we often ask prospective parents to attend an assembly so that they can soak up the ethos of the school.  It is important to consider a visit as then you will be 100% sure that CPS is the right place for your child.


In a typical class at CPS, around half of the pupils secured a place here due to some form of regular church attendance in any form of Christian church anywhere in London.  The remaining half of the class gained a place through living quite close to the school or perhaps having had a sibling already at the school.  It is very hard to predict from year to year how near a family would need to live to the school at the time of application in order to secure a place with us, but it is worth bearing in mind that we have had years where the furthest pupil from the school has been several miles away, and other years where the 30th pupil lived within a stone's throw.  We take 30 pupils in each year (last year was a one-off where we took 60) and the school is popular in the locality so we tend to be over-subscribed – but don’t let that put you off, as you may be fortunate with the application process and be offered a place despite not expecting to be offered one.


For Reception parents it is crucial for you to understand that there is no longer any incentive in ranking schools 'tactically' as the application system changed a few years ago and makes this approach unnecessary.  It is now a simple case of putting the schools that you most desire at the top and those you like less nearer the bottom - do not put a school that you quite like 1st (but that you know you can get into), and the school that you really like (but which is harder to get into) 2nd, because you will only be offered one school place and in that scenario you will be offered your first choice and will never know if you could have been successful with the school that you preferred and which you put 2nd.


'In-Year' Applications


For pupils who do not start the school year with us in Reception class, applications are dealt with directly through the school office.  It is important to note that there is technically not a 'waiting list' because whenever a place comes up at the school the school's published admissions criteria has to be applied, so that a parent could have made their interest known about a place at CPS for a year, but another parent could apply and within a few days be offered a place because they meet the criteria to a greater degree.  We occasionally have places become available in classes from YRec to Y6, and it is well worth letting the school office know if you are interested in taking up one of them for your child.


Transition to Reception Class


As we do not have a school nursery, to smooth the transition of the 30 new pupils to Reception class, we:


- Hold stay-and-plays with both child and parent towards the end of the summer term before the child starts in September;

- Visit local nurseries and Early Years settings to gather information from practitioners there that might help us to settle the new children;

- Conduct a number of home visits to deepen the relationship with parents and children;

-  Stagger the entry of new pupils in September so that we can focus on small groups of pupils at a time, giving them the attention that they need in their first few days;

-  Employ a parent support worker for four days a week to work with parents and carers in a wide variety of ways aimed at ensuring the wellbeing and achievement of all pupils;

-  Have an open-door policy so that parents feel that they can communicate with staff on an on-going basis.


Transition to Secondary School


Year 6 pupils at CPS go off to a wide range of good secondary school across Islington and neighbouring boroughs.  In recent times, a large number of girls have been successful in applications to Grey Coats Hospital and St. Marylebone CE School, whilst we have had boys successfully applying to attend Christ’s Hospital in Surrey.  At CPS, pupils and parents are overwhelmingly pleased with the schools that their children go onto in Year 7. Many former pupils come back to visit us at their first opportunity and we take this as an indication of how very positive relationships are between staff and pupils at our school. Advice from the school on secondary transition can be sought at any time on request or from the admissions team at Islington Council. 


For further information on admissions, please click on the relevant documents below.

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