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Curriculum, Standards & Pupils Committee

Curriculum, Standards & Pupils Sub-Committee


Each sub-committee have 'Terms of Reference'.  The terms of reference for the CSP committee are as follows:

1.         Membership

The membership of the Committee shall be the Head teacher and at least four governors appointed by the Governing Body.  The committee shall have such associate members as the governing body shall appoint.  The committee may make recommendations for these appointments.  The convenor is the Chair of the Committee.


2.         Quorum

The quorum shall be 3 governors. The committee shall not meet without the Head teacher being present or a substantive replacement nominated by him/her.


3.         Responsibilities

To ensure on behalf of the governing body that its strategic responsibility to raise standards is acted upon.

To review and analyse the performance of the school, against national and local indicators, and to advise the Governing Body on any action required in order to sustain improvement.

To approve the school’s curriculum statement and to ensure that its statutory obligation regarding the National Curriculum is met.

To ensure that School Improvement Plan reflects the requirement to raise standards, and to monitor and evaluate it accordingly.

To monitor the implementation of any Action Plan resulting from OfSTED Inspections, in order to maintain progress.

As required by the governing body, to recommend or approve the annual key stage targets to be set.

To establish with the assistance of the Head, information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.

To ensure that the requirements of pupils with SEN are met.

To receive regular reports from the Head and/or SMT on the quality of teaching and learning, to identify areas for improvement, and ensure that any necessary action is taken to maximise outcomes for pupils.

To ensure that those polices which are statutorily required, are in place and regularly reviewed.

To ensure that other relevant policies (i.e. for Teaching & Learning, Behaviour, Attendance etc.) which support learning and improvements in attainment.


4.         Records

A written record shall be kept of all proceedings of the Committee and shall be submitted to the next meeting of the governing body.  All papers considered by the Committee shall be available to all governors on request.  Unless otherwise stated the Committee shall abide by the rules and procedures applying to the governing body.


5.         Notice of Meeting

The Committee shall meet once a term and otherwise as required.  Members of the Committee shall normally be given at least seven days notice of a meeting.


6.         Chair and Vice-Chair

The Governing Body from amongst the Committee’s membership shall appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee or delegate the Committee to do so at its first meeting of the Academic year.  The Vice-Chair shall have the powers of the Chair in the absence or non-availability of the Chair.

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Minutes of meetings for this committee are available on request.