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Finance & Personnel Committee

Finance & Personnel Sub-Committee


Each sub-committee have 'Terms of Reference'.  The terms of reference for the finance & personnel committee are as follows:


1.         Membership and Quorum

The membership and quorum of the Committee shall be 3 governors (excluding the Headteacher) appointed by the Governing Body, but no non-governors.  In the event of the unavailability of a member of the Committee they shall be substituted as a member of the Committee for that meeting, on the basis of availability, by a reserve from the ordered list of reserves appointed by the governing body.  The committee shall not meet without the Headteacher being present or a substantive replacement nominated by him/her.


2.         Responsibilities



  1. To review and decide staff salaries annually in accordance with Governing Body and relevant Pay and Conditions documents.
  2. To draft criteria for the approval of the Governing Body about the use of discretionary elements of pay provisions and make recommendations about implementing them.
  3. To establish the annual and longer-term salary budgets and other costs relating to personnel e.g. training.



  1. To provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and the Governing Body in all matters relating to budgeting and finance.
  2. To prepare and review financial policy statements, including consideration of long term planning and resourcing.
  3. To consider each year’s annual management plan priorities and present an annual budget to the Governing Body for approval.
  4. To monitor the income and expenditure of all public funds (i.e. budget share, and other funds devolved by the LEA) and report the financial situation to the Governing Body each term. 
  5. To recommend the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school (£10,000).
  6. To vire funds, if necessary, within limits set by the Governing Body (£20,000).
  7. To ensure the audit of non-public funds for presentation to the Governing Body.
  8. To receive and where appropriate respond to periodic audit reports of public funds.



  1. To establish and review the staffing structure for the school in order to meet the aims of the School Improvement Plan, and to review the structure whenever a vacancy occurs, and at least annually in relation to the school’s management team.
  2. To ensure that all staff have agreed Job Descriptions which are regularly reviewed.
  3. To advertise, shortlist, and interview candidates for appointment, in accordance with good personnel and equal opportunities practice, and to ensure that all contractual arrangements are in place.
  4. To delegate to the headteacher the authority to make certain appointments, together with any conditions pertaining to these.
  5. To establish and review as necessary, a range of relevant personnel policies and procedure, which should include:​
  • Consultation - To establish and keep under review a policy statement on staff consultation for approval by the Governing Body, and to undertake any formal consultations on personnel matters.
  • Discipline/Grievance - To review and recommend for adoption the procedures for dealing with discipline and grievances and ensure that the staff are informed of them.
  • Redundancy - To establish and review, in consultation with staff, criteria for approval by the governing body
  • Staff Absence - To agree a policy on sickness management, to monitor staff absence, and to recommend a policy on supply cover to the Governing body.
  • Performance Management - To establish and review a Performance Management policy to ensure that the needs of staff and of the school are met.


3.         Records

A written record shall be kept of all proceedings of the Committee and shall be submitted to the next meeting of the governing body.  Unless otherwise stated the Committee shall abide by the rules and procedures applying to the governing body.


4.         Notice of Meeting

The Committee shall meet at least termly and otherwise as required.  Members of the Committee shall normally be given at least seven days notice of a meeting.


5.         Chair and Vice-Chair

The Governing Body from amongst the Committee’s membership shall appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee or delegate the Committee to do so at its first meeting.  The Vice-Chair shall have the powers of the Chair in the absence or non-availability of the Chair.

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Minutes of recent meetings for this committee: