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Site & Premises Committee

Site & Premises Sub-Committee


Each sub-committee has 'Terms of Reference''.  The terms of reference for the site & premises committee are as follows:



Five named members of the Governing Body, including headteacher plus premises manager. Associate Governors may be appointed by the full Governing Body.

Meetings of the committee will not take place or continue unless at least three governor members are present.


  • To have oversight of the Annual Condition Survey and to ensure that points arising from the survey are prioritised and addressed systematically
  • To monitor and review all aspects of maintenance and improvement or repair to the buildings, grounds and plant.
  • To receive reports from the Health and Safety sub committee and ensure that correct standards are maintained and procedures followed and regulations upheld.
  • To ensure that there are no shortfalls in the minimum building standards laid down, 
  • To ensure that the character of the school’s building is retained and that the regulations concerning grade II listed buildings are adhered to.
  • To monitor, control and approve appropriate expenditure relating to Capital Grants, the general school budget and other funds.
  • To appoint architects, builders, ground maintenance teams, surveyors etc according to the established procedures laid down by school governors and monitor all aspects of their work.
  • To report all aspects of improvement and requirements for the smooth running of the school, in relation to the premises, to the full board of governors.
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on the needs and requirements of the premises.
  • To refer any matter which may be in conflict with another sub-committee to the full Board of Governors.
  • To receive reports from the school surveyor/architect,  to take appropriate action and to delegate powers for day-to-day matters to the Headteacher.
  • To liase with the LDBS concerning maintenance and improvements to the building and to keep them informed of our actions and expenditure.



  • Committee meetings will be held on an as required basis, but at least once a term.
  • A member of the committee will make a record of all proceedings at each meeting.  Minutes will be circulated to members within seven days of the meeting, and presented with the agenda for the next full governors’ meeting.
  • The committee will liaise with such other committees and invite members of other committees to attend its meetings as appropriate.

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Minutes of recent meetings of this committee: