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Year 1


Welcome to year 1! Have a read of our wonder book to find out what exciting things we've been up to recently.

We have quail chicks!

We are so excited this week to be taking care of 17 little quail chicks. Farmer David dropped them off with us on Monday, and by Wednesday afternoon, 8 had already hatched! We kept them in the incubator to dry off before moving them to the big container with plenty of food and water. They love to run around and making cheeping sounds. We really enjoyed holding them carefully and stroking them.

An exciting visitor. . . 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Mr Edwards kindly brought his daughter's pet snake in to visit us. She is a very friendly orange corn snake. We really enjoyed meeting her and giving her a stroke!

Class Assembly

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We put on a great show at our class assembly! We told the rest of the school all about toys and plants and included a few songs too. We were a bit nervous at first, but we quickly got the hang of it!

Hey Ho, Let's Grow!

We have been growing flowers, plants and vegetables in class!


We planted an array of pea, lettuce, beetroot, courgette, basil and wild flower seeds in small pots and set them on the windowsill. Then, we dug out a bed in the roof garden and replanted the lettuce, peas and beetroots up there. We look forward to visiting our plants and seeing how they get on! We also planted a sunflower each. Some of them are just beginning to sprout.


We are learning this poem called 'planting' for our class assembly too:




I took a little seed one day
About a month ago.
I put it in a pot of dirt,
In hopes that it would grow.


I poured a little water
To make the soil right.
I set the pot upon the sill,
Where the sun would give it light.


I checked the pot most every day,
And turned it once or twice.
With a little care and water
I helped it grow so nice.


Dick Wilmes

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Collective Worship

Picture 1
Picture 2
We had a Y1 mass with Father Christopher. He taught us about the different days of God's creation and we made a nice link to the plants we have been growing in class this term. We said a prayer thanking God for creating our amazing planet, plants and animals.

V&A Museum of Childhood

We had a brilliant day out at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. We saw a huge selection of old and new toys and artefacts, and got our hands on some older toys like tiddlywinks in our 'toys on a timeline' workshop. This museum is free to the public and definitely worth a family visit if you have not been before!

Bring a toy

As part of our history topic on toys, we all brought in our favourite toys to show the class. We also had a play with some older toys, provided by the fantastic Islington Education Library Service.

Cooking - Rainbow Wraps!

We followed a tasty Jamie Oliver recipe to make some healthy 'rainbow salad wraps'. It was a good test of our chopping, peeling, grating, mixing, measuring, mixing and eating skills! We all tried something new!

Daily Devotion

Picture 1
Picture 2

We did some collective worship today from our Daily Devotion book. We read a story and bible verse about how God has the power to do anything!


What is impossible with men is possible with God.

Luke 18:27

Healthy Choices!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Jamie from Caterlink, our school meal providers, came to do an assembly at the end of Spring 1. We learnt about fruits, vegetables and just how much sugar is in everyday drinks. We also guessed that the mango was the most widely eaten fruit in the world and so we won the fresh mango and some strawberries. We tasted them back in class - delicious!


We had some special visitors from Norway who came to watch us doing some computing. They were really impressed with our programming and logical reasoning skills!


We used the Beebots to help Rastamouse catch the cheese thief. Harry even made his own beebot course during golden time!

Philosophy for Children in RE

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

We did some Philosophy for Children (P4C) in RE this week. We sorted and discussed different places to live and discussed what makes a home a home.


We then watched and discussed the parable of 'The Prodigal Son'. We learnt that God is just like the father in the story - always ready to forgive us and welcome us back home, whatever we have done!

School Mass

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We had a full school mass with Father Christopher this week. Some of the older children said prayers and read from the Gospel. They also took Holy Communion. Father Christopher gave a talk about how Jesus was called 'The Light of the World' and compared him to different lights that we know about.


Last week, we had a similar session in our classroom with Father Christopher - he was very impressed with our listening and our thoughtful comments!

Tower of London Trip

We had a fantastic trip to the Tower of London despite the rain and cold weather! We took part in a brilliant history workshops lead by Sir William, our friendly Knight, walked the battlements, saw the ravens, gazed at the crown jewels and discovered all sorts of armour and weaponry in the White Tower. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been before! We even had our own old fashioned Routemaster bus for the journey home!

Y1 Prayers

Picture 1
Picture 2

We wrote up some of our own prayers for our class prayer book. 


Here are a few examples:


Dear God,

Thank you for my pet fish. Sorry for hurting people's feelings.




Dear God,

Thank you for this lovely day and we pray that we will be good at school.




Dear God

Thank you for my friend Ethan. Thank you for my family and cat and dog and lizard. Sorry for playtime.







Christmas - making gingerbread!

As part of our Christmas party this year we made Christmas tree gingerbread biscuits.


Here's a link to the recipe we followed:


Why not try them out yourself at home?


Picture 1
This is us in our sheep costumes (Spot the homemade ears!) singing 'We're Looking for the Shepherds' at the school nativity.

Tudor House Project

As part of our history topic 'Fire Fire', we made Tudor houses to replicate those which burnt down during the Great Fire of London in 1666. Working in groups of 3, we designed, measured, cut, stuck and decorated to fashion our own houses from a base of two cardboard boxes.


This craft blog gave us our inspiration :


When we had finished, we recreated the river Thames on the football pitch and made our own 17th century London street complete with tissue paper fire!


We followed a recipe for cinnamon toast crunch. We chopped and sliced the bananas and strawberries and put them on top of some toasted bread. Then, we sprinkled  over some cinnamon and sugar and grilled them for a lovely crunch! We really enjoyed trying out the new flavour of cinnamon - it wasn't what we expected at all!

Parent Session

We invited our parents into class for an art lesson about growth mindset. We had over 20 parents who all enjoyed it just as much as we did and we made some lovely pieces of work!

Poetry Recital

Picture 1
Picture 2

We learnt 'Halfway Down' by AA Milne. 


Find it here:


"I liked telling my poem to the school!"




Anti Bullying week 2016

Picture 1
Picture 2
We learnt about what bullying is and how to prevent it. We had special assemblies and made some of our own anti-bullying artwork, our kindness trees.

Y1 getting involved in phonics!

Picture 1
Is it an o sound like in Scott or an o sound like in Rosie?!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Growth Mindset

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have been learning about what it means to have a growth mindset.


We found these videos from the Class Dojo website very useful!


"If something is tricky it's good because your brain is growing stronger"

Avah & Katie


"Keep trying your best and don't give up!"




Black History Month 2016


We have been finding out about Marvin Gaye. We learnt a song that he sang with Tammi Terrell called 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'.


"We made records and record covers for the song and wrote instructions for how to use a record player!"



"Marvin Gaye was a very important black singer."



"I really loved the music!"



Islington Museum Trip

We had a great time at the Islington Museum! We learnt all about the history of fires in London and handled some real artefacts from the time of the Great Fire. 


"We got to try on awesome costumes!"



"We made cups out of clay. We had great fun making them!"

Ethan & Orin-Ayo