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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Clerkenwell Computing Curriculum Intent:

How we deliver the computing curriculum at Clerkenwell Parochial School:

The computing curriculum is taught discretely and used alongside other curriculum areas. We use the Islington Computing framework breaking computing down into the three main areas:

  • Information technology
  • Digital Literacy
  • Computer Science

Each year level is taught according to the curriculum map for each of these areas rotating through a 2 yearly cycle. Each half term begins with an e-safety computing lesson.

What programmes we use:

As a school we use a range of websites on our laptops. These websites include: 

  • Switched onto computing (Rising Stars)
  • LGFL portal
  • 2simple
  • Barefoot computing
  • Brown Bear typing
  • A range of phonics websites.
  • Scratch



These relevant programmes and activities are accessed throughout the school (EYFS, KS1, KS2) to equip students to become safe, digitally literate, independent problem solvers. Students also have access to Islington services such as 3discovery. These aim to expose students to new technology programmes, teach new skills and prepare them to be lifelong learners.

Why we use the Islington curriculum:

The Islington computing curriculum is built by Islington teachers/ facilitators for Islington students based on the national curriculum and the use of local facilities and experts.

Children have the opportunity engage in a range are equally exposed to the three strands of the computing curriculum building on their prior knowledge and developing known and new skills. 

Based on this understanding this is how we believe the computing curriculum will assist our students to become digital citizens.


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