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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Awards for Enriched Curriculum Activities

  • London Silent Film Festival -    For the film 'Varmints' Winners in 3 Categories      Winners 2018 of Best Film, Winners 2018 of Best Adaptation, Winners 2018 of Best Use of Location.
  • Debate It - Winners 2018 - Inter-School debating competition held by Hogan Lovell
  • Safer Travel Initiatives 2018- Bronze Award in recognition of achievement in active safer travel initiatives
  • Chill Study - 2019 in recognition of the school's involvement and participation in the scientific research into air pollution and air quality.

Stimulating Theme-Weeks and Popular Annual Events


As well as a topic-based curriculum based on termly topics , we plan a variety of one-off special themed weeks that give pupils the chance to immerse themselves in the focus for the week.  We also have a number of very popular annual events that always capture the imagination of the whole school community.  

Wonder Books - Capturing the Wonder of the Curriculum!


Sometimes to record exciting things happening in the curriculum when there is not a written outcome, we write up the activity in a ‘Wonder Book’ - this then serves as a record for lots of memorable learning experiences.  Ask any pupil to show you their class’s Wonder Book and they will proudly share the trips, special visitors and inspirational lessons that they have enjoyed during the course of the year. We place a very high value on speaking and listening activity at CPS as well as subjects like music and drama - these experiences all find their way into the Wonder Books.


View the slideshow below to see an example of one of the class's Wonder Book.

Learning Beyond the Classroom and After-School


Inspiring Trips & Stimulating In-School Visitors

We value the experiences that pupils can gain outside of the classroom and so all of our year groups go on half-termly educational visits - these broaden horizons and get everyone excited about their topics, often leading to a lot of enthusiastic and high quality writing about their experiences on the pupils' return!  Sometimes we let the experts or the outside world come to us; we will buy in a professional drama group for example to bring to life  a historical period to help the pupils imagine themselves into another world.


Our Beautiful Gardens

We are fortunate enough to have some beautiful garden spaces in our school.  The 'Green Team' takes great care to look after all of the plants around our school.  We have a new roof-top garden which provides an oasis of calm where children can learn outside of the classroom. We also have a variety of raised garden beds which we use to learn about how our food is grown and how to make healthy food choices.  The roof-top garden and Victorian garden also provide our children with rich opportunities to learn about habitats, life-cycles, the seasons and how plants grow.  The gardens are a great resource for learning in other areas of the curriculum and children can be found in them for art lessons, science lessons and as an inspiration for writing amongst other uses including observing our local wildlife and enjoying a calm outdoor environment.