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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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French Club


After School Club


For the past 10 weeks in French club we have learnt about topics on activity, daily routine, hobbies, sports, ma famille, les numeros, la nourriture, played lotto, coloured game, robot chase, pairs and buzz. The children have enjoyed French club this term and would like to continue next term.


In our French picnic this week the children all loved trying out some French food/drink and used some of the French words/sentences they have learnt this term. I look forward to seeing them next term.


A bientot!


Je vous souhaite a tous un joyeux Noel et une bonne annee 2020.

(Wish you all a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year)


Madame Gayle

French (2018/2019)

(After school club information)

We have learnt about; ma famille, les numeros, les animaux, les couleurs, le corps humain, les sports et le passe-temps and la noùrriture. We play Loto and a Buzz game. Also every 10 weeks we have a lovely French picnic, where the children try some French food and practice using the French that they have learnt during the sessions. The children said they have enjoyed French club and would like to continue next term, look forward to seeing them again!

A bientot!

Mrs M Gayle
Great website to support with learning French: you have a beginners and intermediate, when you are confident to move on. Loads of topics to choose from, and games you can play to help you.