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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Literacy Across the Curriculum

A core aim of teaching and learning at CPS is to develop our pupils’ ability to use language effectively in order to communicate meaning.  We wish to supply pupils with the opportunities to develop and secure their skills in all these areas so they are ready for the next stage in their development.


We know that the time devoted to teaching and practicing literacy skills is the most effective when pupils apply these skills in all areas of the curriculum, so that they are embedded within their everyday lives. It empowers pupils to be independent.


Staff are committed to working together across the curriculum:

- to promote students confidence and independence in communicating with others in speaking and listening, reading and writing; and

- to raise students literacy attainment at every level of ability and in all subject areas.


Teachers and teaching staff help students:

- to understand that talk (and not just reading and writing) is a valuable means of learning in itself;

- to value and respect the talk of others;

- to be confident contributors, using confident voices, in a wide range of individual, paired and group situations;

- to understand that differences in task and audience require different levels of formality;

- by providing texts at appropriate reading levels for students to read and engage with in subjects outside of literacy;

- by teaching students how to select relevant information from reading;

- by drawing attention to the layout of different texts in different subject areas.

- by providing opportunities for children to write in a variety of styles for a variety of purposes;

- by providing students with models of different styles of writing through teacher modelling and writing frames;

- by drawing attention to the importance of drafting and editing;

- by helping students to decide on the presentational aspect of their writing; and

- by teaching pupils to spell key subject vocabulary alongside their meaning and usage.