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At CPS we have embarked on a journey to revolutionise the way in which maths is taught and learnt. In Years 1 to 3, initially, we have been implementing the Singapore Maths approach to all of our mathematics lessons, using Maths No-Problem resources.  Years 4 to 6 are using aspects of the approach as well, before fully making the transition later in the year. This method of teaching focuses on using problem-solving in order for children to learn conceptually - children are not learning by rote and memorising, but instead properly understanding how to solve a problem and why they must be systematic about doing so.

We believe that children should be introduced to calculation and problem solving through the use of concrete, visual and abstract methods. As children begin to understand the underlying ideas of mathematics they will become more fluent and develop a deeper understanding, allowing them to apply understanding in a range of situations.

Written methods are complementary to mental methods and should not be seen as separate from them. The aim is that children use mental calculation methods when appropriate, but for calculations that they cannot do in their heads they use an efficient written method accurately and with confidence. It is vital that pupils explore mathematics using concrete materials and visual representations before moving onto written calculations to ensure a secure understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics.

For a detailed breakdown of the objectives covered by each class during the course of the year in maths please click on the document below.

For information on the various strategies that we teach for both written and mental calculation please click the documents below.

Broad Topic Overview for all Classes

Broad Topic Overview for all Classes 1
Broad Topic Overview for all Classes 2
Broad Topic Overview for all Classes 3