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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Intent (why)


At Clerkenwell we believe that Physical Education (P.E) is a key subject for a child’s overall development, wellbeing and education. Through students’ engagement in competitive (both against self and against others) and cooperative, team-building physical activities, students grow their mental and emotional capacity, developing social inclusion and self-esteem. In terms of physical development, students improve their fundamental motor skills, athleticism and endurance.

P.E at Clerkenwell aims to provide opportunity for all students at different levels of physical development and with diverse skillsets to develop their physical and mental capacity through a range of P.E areas. As an inner London school, many students do not live in houses with a backyard which limits their capacity to engage in physical activity. Therefore, students may not have the opportunity to be exposed to fitness and physical skill development outside of school, unless they are engaging in extra-curricular sports or fitness activities. As a result, Coram’s fields, in addition to the pitch, is vital to the teaching of P.E at Clerkenwell.

Clerkenwell follows a P.E scheme that is in line with the P.E National curriculum. The scheme has a logical progression of lessons within each P.E area, with each lesson building on the skills and knowledge from lessons before. Furthermore, each year builds on the skills and knowledge learnt in the previous years in all PE areas. In KS1 fundamental skills are a large focus, such as object control, balance, coordination, agility and athletics. These skills are frequently taught in isolation to master them, alongside incorporating them in combination through activities and team games. In KS2 students continue to learn fundamental skills in isolation, however use them in combination more frequently and in more complex ways through competitive games. Through competitive games in KS1 and KS2 develop their knowledge of simple tactics for attacking and defending. Students continuously progress their gymnastics and dance performance skills throughout KS1 and KS2. By the end of KS2 it is expected that students are able to swim 25 metres and self-rescue. The scheme provides high quality teaching and learning for P.E, with detail on technique, team building and engaging activities allowing students to access the skills and knowledge required to achieve a final unit outcome.


Implementation (how)

P.E is taught twice a week throughout the school by class teachers, with each year group undertaking two P.E subject areas. Within the two hours of P.E each one lesson is taught at Coram’s Fields, which is used for sports that require more space, such as athletics, basketball and football. Each class is required to run around the 3 fields at Coram’s at least twice as a warm up to develop endurance, with this distance increasing as students increase their capacity in long-distance running. The beep test is undertaken at the start and end of each year to measure fitness progression. Other subjects which require less space such as catching and throwing and other ball skills, are taught on the school pitch. The hall is used predominantly for dance and gymnastics lessons, however is used instead of the pitch if the weather doesn’t permit outside learning. From Year 3-Year 6 students undertake swimming as one of their P.E units. During each lesson, children are encouraged to demonstrate skills to the class, work as a team and encourage each other to progress in a personal capacity with confidence.

Clerkenwell offers additional opportunities for sport in KS1 and KS2. Football club and Sports club are run throughout the year, as well as interschool sports days and football tournaments. Clerkenwell Sports Day is run each year at Coram’s fields allowing students to work within a team and to compete independently.



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