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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Picture 1 Our pupils try out some fencing
Picture 2 A blind assault course
Picture 3 Adventurous activity at height
Picture 4 Our football team meets an Arsenal player
Picture 5 Our girls competing at Market Road
Picture 6 A CPS pupil in a local gymnsatics competition
Picture 7 Sports day
Picture 8 An Olympian demonstrates his triple-jump!
Picture 9 Table-Tennis at Breakfast Club
Picture 10 A pupil shows off his hockey skills
Picture 11 The climbing frame keeps children active at breaks
Picture 12 Reception's tricycles keep them fit!

We aim to increase the activity level and wellbeing of the whole school through the provision of a supportive environment that encourages and enhances physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.


All children participate in two PE Lessons a week.  In the juniors, each class goes swimming once a week for half of the academic year.  The school also uses Three Corners (an outdoor sports pitch) each afternoon of the week.


The school employs a sports coach, and has also previously employed specialist dance teachers.  The school works with our School Sports Coordinator who has led training for staff and modelled lessons with children.


Pupils also attend a range of festivals and competitions such as tag rugby, athletics, football and swimming.   


In our Reception class, we believe that young children learn through using all their senses through being active and interactive. Activities are planned specifically to ensure a safe, well-resourced environment, which helps them to build on and develop their confidence and independence. Children are given time to explore, experiment and refine their social, interpersonal skills as well as gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Staff provide children with a balance of opportunities for all round physical development. This is achieved through use of in and outdoor play, use of the small hall, playground and field. A range of equipment, apparatus and stimuli is employed to encourage the development of specific skills.



Physical Education in the school will comply with the three basic principles for inclusion in that it will:

  • Set suitable learning challenges (including gifted and talented pupils and children on the SEN or disability register)

  • Respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs

  • Strive to overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for individual groups of pupils

Teachers and any other adults working with children will be made aware of any pupils who have special educational needs or medical conditions.  The SENCO will liaise with all staff to ensure the pupils’ needs are met in relation to teaching and learning in PE.


Physical Activity Opportunities that we offer outside of PE lessons

Breakfast club:  Table tennis after children have eaten.

Breaks and lunchtimes: Football and basketball (on a rota), a climbing wall facility and climbing frame.  Playground Buddies lead games with younger children in KS1.

After-school: Clubs include football, basketball and dance.


Click on the link below to read the latest PE & Sports Grant Funding Reports.