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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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School Songs

Our children love singing.  If you scroll down you will see some of the most popular song/hymn lyrics.

Aqua Viva


I know a well that will never run dry.

It’s called Aqua Viva (echo on 2nd time)

It’s filled with water, the water of life.

It’s called Aqua Viva (echo on 2nd time)


Jesus said, “You should come to me whenever you are thirsty-

thirsty for life, thirsty for love- I’ll give you living water!”


So let’s go diving, swimming, drink-a-drink-a-drinking,

Diving, swimming in the water of life!

Diving, swimming, drink-a-drink-a-drinking,

Drinking the water of life!