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Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School

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Writers of the Week!

Yr 2 writer of the week this week is Iqra. She has produced an excellent information report about Orangutans! Well done!

Year 1 Writer of the Week is Taejah! Taejah used a range of adjectives in her fact list of polar bears. Well done!

Week beginning 1st July 2019

Year 4 - Oliver! Well done this week Oliver for clearly identifying some of the advantages and disadvantages of urbanisation

Week Beginning 10/06/19

The Year 1 Write of the Week is Domenic! Domenic wrote a character description on Halibut Jackson and focused particularly on his finger spaces and sound use. Well done Domenic!

Sabella is the Year 4 writer of the week! Well done, there was a fantastic use of fronted adverbials in your description

Year 5 - Antonio wrote a fantastic report this week on Aspergers Syndrome. Great job!

Week Beginning 03.06.19

Well done to Lily who is the year 4 writer of the week! She wrote a fantastic free-flowing poem about our class book: Belonging

Year 5 - Princess wrote a fantastic piece of description writing this week on the setting of the London Eye.

The Year Six writer of the week is Tommy, for his expressive and well considered piece of writing on Evacuation. Well done Tommy!

Week Beginning 20.05.19

The Year 1 writer of the week is Lila! Lila has implemented changes to her writing building on the feedback I have given and has produced a detailed letter. Well done Lila!

Year 4 writer of the week is Boma for an absolutely captivating retelling of the video: El Caminante. Well done!

Year 5 - Shania has worked fantastically in a small group writing session this week. The way she ended her tightening tension story about being trapped in a lift was fantastic!

Week beginning 13.05.2019

The Year 1 Writer of the Week is Lottie! Lottie has written a great comparison between two settings of 'The Storm Whale' making accurate use of the word 'but'. Well done Lottie!

Year 3 Writer of the Week! Daniella produced a very beautifully written character profile of the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth. She included information about his appearance, powers, skills, weapons and importance using fabulous descriptive language. Well done!

Year 5 writer of the week is Arthur! He has written a great opening paragraph for a narrative ensuring that he is using the feature 'tightening tension'. Brilliant work Arthur!

Week beginning 06.05.2019

Year 1 writer of the week is Iqra! Iqra has shown a great understanding of a repetitive line poem. Well done!

Year 3 Writer of the Week! Asma wrote a fantastic report about what the Romans brought over to Britain during their invasion. She also evaluated their innovations and discussed how we are still benefitting from these ideas in modern times. Well done!

Year 4 Writer of the Week is Malachi! Well done for writing coherently and trying so hard!

Year 5 writer of the week is Segen. She wrote a fantastic diary entry as Ernest Shackleton using all diary features! Great work!

Week beginning 29.04.19

The Year 1 Writer of the Week is Lottie! Lottie wrote a brilliant newspaper article including many great adjectives to make her writing interesting to read. Well done Lottie!

Year 3 Writer of the Week! Scott produced a wonderful newspaper article based on us imagining that the Krindlekrax attacked Lizard Street. He successfully used all the features of a newspaper article, as well as writing in paragraphs, using interesting sentence openers and a formal tone in his writing. Well done!

Year 2 writer of the week this week is Naty. He worked hard to produce a great piece of persuasive writing!

Year 4 - Nevaeh! Her handwriting is immaculately presented and she used a variety of fronted adverbials and powerful language to write an exciting story about Edward Tulane. Well done!

Year 5 writer of the week is Eshay. She has written a fantastic setting description on Antarctica using her five senses. Brilliant vocabulary and writing features used! Keep it up Eshay.

Week beginning 22.04.2019

The Year 1 writer of the week is Isaiah! Isaiah has used the new sound he learnt this week 'ai' to spell the word 'snail' correctly. Well done Isaiah!

Year 2: Tyreece produced an excellent diary entry of Atir's journey to Paris. He used different time connectives and wrote in past tense. Well done!


Year 3 Writer of the Week! Dexter produced a wonderful character profile of Ruskin, the main character of 'The Krindlekrax'. His use of varied sentence openers and clever expanded noun phrases made for a very entertaining read! Well done!

The year 4 writer of the week is Zuzanna for her detailed character description. Fantastic work Zuzanna, well done!

Year 5 writer of the week is Callum! He used his research on Malorie Blackman to create a very well written biography. Great work!

Year 6 - Samalie. She used clues given in the text as well as inference to unpick details on the two main characters in our text, Goodnight Mr Tom. She then used this to write a diary entry from the perspective of William.

Week Beginning 01/04/2019

The Year 1 Writer of the Week is Evie! Evie produced an outstanding piece of writing in her writing assessment this week. Well done Evie!

Year 3 Writer of the Week! Tonye produced an outstanding piece of writing based on the Literacy Shed video 'Something Fishy'. We are very impressed by her progress in writing this half-term, keep it up!

Fifi is Year 5's writer of the week! She has written an outstanding piece based on the video 'Something Fishy'. Amazing effort, keep up the brilliant work!

Hollyrose (Y6) has had an amazing week this week, improving and redrafting her work. She has worked hard to include a range of sentences and adverbials.

Year 4 - Well done to Genesis for writing a very exciting story in literacy!

Year 2 writer of the week this week is Isobelle for her excellent narrative about an interesting experience a woman had at the laundrette. She used creative language and a great selection of sentence starters. Well done!

The Year 1 Writer of the week is Scarlett! Scarlett has shown great pride in her work this week writing a detailed, neat list for the Wild Things to follow. Well done Scarlett!

Year 2 Writer of the week: Alexander. He has produced an effective advertisement to sell the Necklace of Raindrops. Alexander used bright colours and excellent persuasion in his poster. Well done!

Year 3 Writer of the Week! Rosie has written a stunning alternative version of the classical 'Hansel and Gretel'. She worked very hard to change the ending so that the main characters end up in the strange, monochrome forest found in Anthony Browne's 'Into the Forest'.

Year 4 - TJ for a fantastic improvement in the presentation of his work. Your handwriting has improved so much, well done!

Year 5 - Kalim is this weeks writer of the week! A fantastic persuasive piece of writing based on the class novel of Pig Heart Boy. Can he convince the reader the reader to give the character the pig heart?

Zach (Y6) - Narrative linked to The Viewer by Shaun Tan. Zach worked really hard to use powerful vocabulary, varied punctuation and a range of sentence types to make his story engaging.

Week beginning 18.03.19

Well done Pauline for being the first child in year 4 to receive a pen license!

Year 5 - Writer of the week is Georgia. What a fantastic diary entry from a characters perspective! Brilliant writing.

Aimee (Y6) - Narrative linked to The Viewer