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2019-2020 Yr 6 

Joe Wicks Lesson Instructions

Spring 2 - Week 6

Year 6 - Week Commencing 30.03.20

Week 1 - Easter Holidays

Year 6 - Week Commencing 6/04/20

What is Buddhism?

What is Buddhism? What do Buddhists believe? That's what we'll find out today. In this video I'll explain Buddhism and we'll see who was the Buddha. Buddhism...

Week 2 - Easter Holidays

Year 6 - Week Commencing 13/4/20 (Easter Break - Optional Work)


Happy Easter! After speaking to most students and parents last week I understand a lot of you have been working extremely hard, which makes me SO proud! I am only going to upload Literacy and Maths work for this week, and this work is optional. You still need to find time to relax and have your Easter break! It was lovely chatting to you all. Brightened up my Easter weekend! Miss Bettoni

Summer 1 - Week 1

Year 6 - Week Commencing 20/04/20


The White Rose Maths for this week will be the same as the week commencing 6/04/20 as there was a two week break in the running of the program. If you did not complete the White Rose Maths activities during the week of 6/04/20 please go back and do so. If you did complete the work before Easter then please complete the other maths work I have uploaded for this week. New White Rose Maths learning will commence next week on the 27/04/20 and will continue to follow the Summer Term dates.

Miss Bettoni :)

What is Nirvana ?

Watch this video and complete one of the activities from Buddhism Lesson 3 document.

10 Jungle Animals for Kids || Amazon Animals for Kids || South American Animals

Watch this video to learn more about some of the interesting animals you can find in South America!

Summer 1 - Week 2

Year 6 - Week Commencing 27/04/20



We are now entering our 6th week of online learning! I can hardly believe it. Once again I want to say well done to those students that have been accessing and completing the learning. I know that it is a very unsettling time for everyone at the moment and you are all doing your best. I have uploaded some picture book stories for families to have a look at together that help to explain our current situation. I know some parents are struggling to explain what it happening to their younger children - these resources should be very helpful. There is also a couple of activity packs that can be accessed. These do require a printer, if you do not have one they can be printed at school on Monday for pickup if you like. The weekly learning continues as normal and we are now back on track with the White Rose maths learning.


Stay safe! I miss you all!

Miss Bettoni



Summer 1 - Week 3

Year 6 - Week Commencing 04/05/20

Physical Education Ideas

Why Giraffe has a Long Neck | Tinga Tinga Tales Official | African Folk Tales
Watch this clip before you begin your science lesson for today!

Sorry - I have removed this science lesson due to one of the texts having unacceptable vocabulary in it. An adapted lesson will be set in due course.


Summer 1 - Week 4

Year 6 - Week Commencing 11/05/20

Summer 1 - Week 5

Year 6 - Week Commencing 18/05/20

Half Term Summer Break

(Week Commencing 25/05/20)





Tuesday 5th November

Almeida Theatre

Wednesday 2nd October

Sea Life


Today Year 6 went to Sea Life! We had such a great time looking at all of the animals. From sharks, to jelly fish, to penguins. We also attended a classification workshop. All students in Year 6 had a fantastic time. A special thanks to Rachel's dad for volunteering to assist us on the day. 


Friday 20th September

The Natural History Museum


Year 6 visited The Natural History Museum today and had such a wonderful time! We saw a real life skeleton of a blue whale and then an amazing replica. We also attended a deep sea dive interactive show where we plunged deep into the ocean and discovered what could be found at different levels. It was a brilliant educational day for both students and adults! Thanks to Adrien and Lee for volunteering to help for the day.

We have just joined Year Six and are very excited about the learning ahead!

Our caterpillar/butterfly life cycle journey came to an end today as we released them into the sunshine! They will be missed in our Year 5 classroom - 3rd July 2019

Discovery session using the Garage Band App - 1st July 2019

The Hungry Caterpillar creations have begun with the Reception class. Everyone is working so well with each other!

Gurdwara Visit - 19th June 2019

Maths Dress Up Day! Fantastic effort from these Year 5 girls and a great effort seen throughout the school! 14th June 2019

Our Class Assembly on Shackleton!

Science Investigation 27th March 2019

PSHE Dealing with Feelings: Freeze Frames 15th March 2019

World Book Day 8th March 2019